Hisense Australia is strengthening its air conditioning range with the launch of four new models that include a built-in air purification system, coupled with Hisense’s new Hi-Nano technology and Wi-Fi compatibility that supports Google Home voice control.

As part of the built-in air purification system, Hi-Nano technology works to utilise optimised plasma ions which remove pollutants quickly. The Hi-Nano system can generate one million ions per one million cm3 compared to just 0.4 to 0.6million ions per one million cm3 created by regular plasma units.

This enables the system to work more effectively to ensure clean air circulates through the space. Within just two hours of operation, airborne bacteria, allergens, mould, pollens and odours are efficiently eliminated.

With Wi-Fi compatibility, users can view menus, select modes and set temperatures from anywhere within the home through Hisense’s ConnectLife app. Alternatively, the unit also features voice control enabled through Google Home.

In addition, Eco Mode keeps homes cool while maintaining energy efficient, saving over 30% more energy than conventional Hisense inverter technology. Each unit also features Hisense’s own self-clean feature, reducing the need for maintenance and extending the life of the unit. 

Hisense Australia head of marketing, Nick Peters said, “Reliable, hi-tech cooling solutions are an essential part of every Australian home to cope with our hot summers. Boasting a sleek design, quiet function and efficient performance, we are proud of the new range and ability to offer Australians more choice in the air conditioning category.”

The range will be rolled out to leading retailers across the country from November with RRPs from $999.