during practice for the Australian Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park on March 24, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

As more retailers and consumers embrace the brand.

At the recent Formula 1 Grand Prix where Hisense unveiled its new Series 8 and Series 9 4K UHD TVs, general manager, Tania Garonzi confirmed that there will be more to come from Hisense, beyond the categories the company currently plays in.

“Hisense is a juggernaut. Our strategy in Australia has been to do everything slowly, but well. We started with television then we introduced refrigeration. Hisense (globally) also has a big laundry business, consumer and light commercial air conditioning, as well as a mobile phone and telecommunications division. This is why I am very excited about the future of Hisense because there is a lot more to come,” Garonzi told attendees.

Former AFL player Leigh Colbert with Hisense general manager, Tania Garonzi 

“It has been an incredible year for Hisense and I am really proud of the evolution of our brand. Hisense have been manufacturing products since 1969 but it has only been 10 years since we commenced Hisense in Australia. Back then when Andre and I founded the company, it was our vision to put cutting-edge technology products in the hands of everyday consumers.

“In that time, the brand has had strong, steady and stable growth but over the past couple of years, our growth has been phenomenal thanks to the strategic planning, hard work and dedication we put in in the early days which is now paying off with consumers and our retail partners embracing the brand.”