For 2018 to date.

At the recent launch of its 2018 flagship ULED TVs, Hisense head of marketing, Andre Iannuzzi confirmed that the company has achieved a 20% value increase within the television category for the year to date, when compared to 2017.

“In 2016, we introduced ULED – our premium television technology – reserved for the very best Hisense innovation. 2017 certainly was a milestone for us in Australia, becoming the highest selling television brand in units for the entire year. With award-winning TVs and sales stronger than ever before, 2017 was a very successful year for us,” he said.

“Now 2018 has been another huge year for us and we will continue to build on our business growth with the introduction of our ULED TVs, including our Series 7, Series 8 and Series 9. At CES this year, we also announced our first ever OLED TV, which we are very excited about and look forward to sharing more details very soon.

“In Australia, we launched the Hisense brand only 12 years ago with a clear focus – to provide consumers with the very best technology, backed with industry leading three year warranty, as a badge of honour and belief of our product reliability and quality,” he continued.

Hisense is launching its 2018 ULED TV range in time for the FIFA World Cup with an anticipated 3.2 billion global audience numbers and estimated 4 million viewers in Australia for the very first France versus Australia game.

“We are passionate about bringing incredible viewing experiences to people all over the world, which is why we have embarked on the journey as the official TV for the FIFA World Cup. Television is the gateway to discovering sport and sport is a powerful and unifying force that can break down and transcend barriers.

“We have also partnered with SBS to ensure all Australians have the opportunity to view, experience and cheer on the Australian Socceroos from their living room,” Iannuzzi said.