By Kymberly Martin

With CES the key launch pad.

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for Hisense. The company is close to finalising an expanded laundry range and there will be next generation ULED TVs making an entry into the Australian market. While CES 2017 will be a key launch pad for new product innovations across the brand next year, retailers here can expect to see new laundry products in the second half.

“The new ULED TVs will take the home theatre experience to a whole new level,” Hisense head of marketing, Andre Iannuzzi told Appliance Retailer. “Our TVs are getting bigger and better.”

“Our research shows Australian consumers embracing the Hisense brand are younger, demand and expect more. They carry out much more research prior to purchase than the average consumer and have a wide net influencing their decisions,” he said.


Caption: Group executive financial services at Canstar Blue, Stephen Mickenbecker presented the Customer Satisfaction Award to Hisense managing director, Tania Garonzi and Andre Iannuzzi for the company’s refrigerators.

Based on this information Hisense continues to focus heavily on digital with its latest campaign, Excite Your Sense together with an investment in print for home appliances appearing  in leading home and lifestyle publications throughout summer through to March 2017. This is in addition to radio advertising for the Hisense premium ULED TV category across 26 radio stations from late November and into December.

Another major business driver for the company has been the expansion of the French door category as Hisense grows the range to seven models. This year three new models were introduced with the latest 701 litre plumbed model with ice and water dispenser just launched. “Feedback from retailers was positive, especially with regards to its large capacity and customisable spaces. We are very confident that, together with our supportive and critically important retail partnerships, we will continue to drive traffic and sales leading into the summer season.

“Hisense is focused on maximising opportunities where we excel in 2017. Globally, Hisense manufacture telecommunications and mobile technology products as well as medical imaging with the capacity to expand in Australia,” Iannuzzi said.

There could be more sports sponsorships on the horizon, adding to the company’s involvement in the Australian Open, Formula One, NASCAR, NBL and Hisense Arena along with UEFA Euro. Iannuzzi said: “Sponsorships have been an invaluable part of our success in Australia. We are always open to partnering with brands that align with our own and add value for our customers. It is a central piece of our local and global strategy.  So stay tuned for further major global sport sponsorships.”

Hisense took out the 2016 the Canstar Blue Award for ‘Number One in Consumer Satisfaction.’ Iannuzzi described taking the top spot in the company’s first year of eligibility as “hugely rewarding and a direct reflection of the many things we been implementing across the business.”