Hisense debuted its 2024 TV range at CES, led by the 110-inch UX TV with Mini-LED X technology, which delivers not only company first – but industry first – features.

For context, in 2023, Hisense’s flagship UX TV boasted 20,000 Mini LED lights across 5,000 dimming zones, achieving 2,500 nits of brightness.

“In 2024, our 110 UX TV achieves a world-first with 40,000 lights across 40,000 dimming zones, which means every single zone within the TV is controlling one light only. This means black levels are unparalleled with 10,000 nits of brightness,” Hisense national training manager, Chris Mayer told Appliance Retailer.

“With the increase in brightness, we’re trying to achieve a closer analogue to real life. For reference, car headlights on high beam emit about 1,000 nits but when you look outside a window on an overcast day, it’s around 12,000 nits of brightness.

“Essentially, with the 110 UX TV, we want to be able to represent the range of shades we see in real life. The more we can expand the distance between black and bright, the more we can represent accurate colours. The increase in brightness isn’t designed to be blinding, it’s designed to provide a sense of realism that hasn’t been achieved on a TV before.

“The Dolby Vision standard already supports up to 10,000 nits, so there’s content available now that customers can access to take advantage of this technology.

“We are at the pinnacle of Mini-LED technology, and we pride ourselves on the fact that the 2024 110 UX TV is the best Mini-LED TV in the world. It shows how far we’ve been pushing the chipset and Hi-View Engine to control 40,000 individual lights.

“Leveraging AI and scaling algorithms, you don’t need to watch content that’s 10,000 nits, we’ve got HDR profiles that deliver that, so the viewing experience isn’t restricted to content produced in 2024; it will work with any content.

“It’s exciting that this level of technology – the best in the world – isn’t just a concept. It’s a real product that’s coming to Australia this year.”