By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: NEC Australia will launch the industry’s first range of small-screen LCDs with built-in high definition digital tuners, in what the company hopes will meet a niche in the market.

Available to retailers very soon, the range will include a 19-inch model (RRP $999) with 1440×900 resolution and a 22-inch model (RRP $1,099) with 1680×1050 resolution, both equipped with HD digital tuners, HDMI input and PC input to double as a computer monitor.

“We’ve introduced a new lineup because we’ve identified that in the market there is no other brand with small size LCDs with HD tuners,” said NEC product manager – audiovisual, Paul Cunningham.

“As a second TV or bedroom TV proposition, while there is a lot of analogue small screen out there and a lot of SD tuner small size out there, nobody has considered up to this point to introduce a small screen with an HD tuner. NEC now has a unique offering in the market.”

The 19-inch model is 12-volt power compatible making it ideal for caravans and boats, and enabling it to run off a car battery.

“We’re expecting big things from this model because NEC has traditionally done well in small and mid-size screen offerings. We think it is ideal for certain customers and definitely unique in the marketplace,” said Cunningham.

“After our introduction later in the year of new LCD screen sizes, we’ll have the broadest HD offering – Sony may have the biggest with the most models, but will we have HD across the broadest range of sizes.”