By Staff Writer

SYDNEY: De’Longhi Australia received extra publicity today from Sydney newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, which published a front page photograph of its Magnifica EAM3500 fully automatic cappuccino machine in a story about a council potentially wasting public money.

The newspaper article claimed that the Mayor of Fairfield City Council spent $1,550 of rate-payer’s money on his corporate credit card to purchase the machine last August so he could offer council guests “professional-style coffee” during business meetings.

Adjacent councils claimed that the De’Longhi coffee machine was a waste of money and was diverting funds from community groups struggling for funding or from new footpaths and parking areas.

De’Longhi’s recently-appointed trade marketing manager, Angela Tilocca, was happy with the free publicity worth tens of thousands of dollars.

“Obviously Mayor Lalich understands the importance of time management within his business,” Tilocca told

“I would imagine that the Mayor has an extremely busy work schedule and appreciates that the De’Longhi Magnifica EAM3500 allows him to make a cappuccino for his clients in less than one minute.

“Not only is there the time saving factor, but also the considerable amount of cost saving in making your own coffee on premises. De’Longhi supports any business or individual that makes an intelligent investment which lends them more time and dollars to focus on the important aspects of their business.”