By Patrick Avenell

Philips has announced that it is making a “significant investment” in retail education and point of sale (POS) material.

The localised product guides that Philips will make available to retailers will be designed to provide floor staff with explanations of the different technologies found in Philips’ current range, and the main features of each model.

Talking about this point of sale marketing announcement is Philips Consumer Lifestyle customer and trade marketing manager, Muir Keir.

“Customers are won and lost at the point of sale.

“Effective POS needs to generate awareness, not clutter. Our…new in-store materials have been specifically designed to create an impact at floor level and to help staff differentiate Philips as a premium European offering to consumers,” said Keir.

Retailers with enquiries about this new training and point of sale material are directed contact their Philips account manager.