By Patrick Avenell

Monster, a company that claims to be “the leading manufacturer in consumer electronics accessories”, has announced the release of a microphone attachment for the iPhone. This accessory allows users to make and receive calls from the same headset they use to listen to music.

The unit is called the iSoniTalk Microphone Adaptor for iPhone, and it has been designed for consumers who want to experience better sound when using the mobile entertainment and communications device.

Talking about this release is Monster head Noel Lee.

“As great as the iPhone is, it has its limitations; you can’t take hands-free calls. With iSoniTalk you can carry your iPhone in your pocket, clip the microphone to your clothing and enjoy quality music or a phone conversation totally hands-free,” said Lee.

“iSoniTalk is the ideal solution for iPhone users who like to listen to music and still be able to make a fast and easy connection to their incoming and outgoing calls.

“With its one-button operation, the iSoniTalk is the ultimate in convenience and simplicity. There’s no fumbling with complicated controls or searching for the right button – because there’s only one button.”

The iSoniTalk is available now for RRP $34.95.