Olympus digital camera mju1020

Olympus Mju 1020

  • Cutting edge technology and flawless style with 7x optical zoom
  • Face Detect & Shadow Adjust Technology, and TruePic III image processing
  • 2.7-inch HyperCrystal II LCD monitor

Olympus Imaging Australia has launched the new Mju 1020 – the world’s smallest, slimmest digital compact camera with 7x optical zoom. Featuring a 10.1-megapixel CCD1 , and available in a stylish enamel black finish, the new camera will be available in Australia in late February for AU$499.

A hallmark of Olympus design, the Mju 1020 continues the traditional combination of the smooth curvature of an arc with the functionally elegant form of a wedge. Available in enamel black, this stylish camera is a must-have for those who demand the ultimate in performance and style.
Key features:

  • 7x optical zoom lens and 10.1-megapixel CCD for stunning, superb pictures from a
  • Dual Shakeproof CCD-shift camera shake correction and high ISO sensitivity for
    crisp, clear images.
  • Face Detect & Shadow Adjust Technology for accurate exposure of faces and
    background elements

Bright, high-contrast 2.7-inch HyperCrystal II LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle
A high-performance Dual Super Aspherical (DSA) lens element developed using proprietary Olympus technology enables the Mju 1020 to pack amazing zoom power into a body weighing
only 135 grams and measuring only 25.2 mm thick. The Mju 1020 is world’s slimmest and smallest compact camera with 7x optical zoom, allowing photographers to capitalise on powerful zoom while using a camera that’s still slim
enough to fit in a pocket.

This technological breakthrough means the slimmer lens barrel continues to deliver uncompromised image quality. Offering sharp, high-contrast imaging
right out to the periphery of the image field, the lens works together with the Mju 1020’s CCD image sensor and exclusive Olympus TruePic III image processor to ensure high image quality and vibrant colour.

The Mju 1020 also features Face Detect & Shadow Adjust Technology to ensure that subjects in the foreground as well as the background scenery are perfectly exposed.

Unlike face-detection systems that set focus and exposure only for the face, Olympus Face
Detect & Shadow Adjust Technology balances the exposure to include the face and the background independently from one another, resulting in an image that appears just as it would be seen with the human eye.

A large, 2.7-inch HyperCrystal II LCD monitor offers excellent visibility and a wide, 176° viewing angle, making it easy for users to see their subject in clear, natural color and share images with friends.

7x optical zoom and a 10.1-megapixel CCD for big, clear close-ups of distant subjects
Olympus’ advanced lens technology has resulted in the development of new Dual Super Aspherical (DSA) lens elements which can each do the work of several conventional elements, and make it possible to create extremely compact yet powerful zoom lenses.
Historically, DSA lens elements have been extremely thin in the centre making them difficult to manufacture. For the Mju 1020, proprietary Olympus technology has been used to develop a high-performance DSA lens element that enables the camera to offer 7x optical zoom power and outstanding image quality in an exceptionally slim, compact body.

An exclusive Olympus TruePic III image processor maximizes the performance potential of the Mju 1020’s high-resolution lens and 10.1-megapixel CCD by suppressing noise, ensuring smoother edge reproduction, and faithfully rendering even the palest colours.

The Mju 1020’s Dual Shakeproof Sensor-Shift Image Stabilisation system uses a dual-axis gyro sensor to accurately detect camera shake, and prevents blur by shifting the CCD sensor to compensate. In addition, high ISO sensitivity Digital Image Stabilisation enables 10 megapixel imaging at sensitivities up to ISO 1600 to help reduce blurring caused by camera shake or subject motion. As a result, users experience fewer missed shots when working in low light or with active subjects, and can obtain sharper, clearer images even at high telephoto settings.

Proprietary Olympus Face Detect & Shadow Adjust technology enables photographers to capture images with improved foreground and background exposure balance. Unlike face detection systems that set focus and exposure only for the face, Olympus Face Detect & Shadow Adjust Technology balances the exposure for both faces and backgrounds independently from one another. In backlit situations where the subject’s face may be underexposed, conventional face-detection systems tend to correct for the facial area, but overcompensate the background, causing overexposure. But with Olympus Face Detect & Shadow Adjust Technology, foreground and background exposure is adjusted independently to ensure that both people in the foreground and elements in the backgrown are properly exposed.

Bright, 2.7-inch HyperCrystal II LCD monitor with wide viewing angle
The 2.7-inch HyperCrystal II LCD monitor offers increased brightness for easier viewing in bright light. It has a wide, 176° viewing angle that makes it easier to see the monitor when shooting from unusual angles or sharing images with friends, and provides a clearer view of subjects even when taking photos at night or in bright outdoor light. Improved colour fidelity and contrast ensure that even nighttime cityscapes and scenic vistas are displayed with brilliant clarity.

Other features:

  • Built-in illuminator for easy framing in low light
  • 3 fps continuous flash for easy continuous shooting in low light
  • Pre-capture movie function to ensure fewer missed shots
  • In-camera panorama image compositing with on-screen guide for camera movement
  • Optional PT-042 waterproof housing available for underwater shooting to 40 metres
  • Perfect Shot Preview with previews of various camera settings before picture is taken

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