The new Paloma gas heater.
The new Paloma gas heater.

Gas appliance manufacturer Paloma has launched a new range of 4.8 star gas-flued heaters, touting superior energy efficiency, performance and safety features.

Designed and manufactured in Japan by Paloma, the two new models are premium winter appliances. The 15MJ model (PRS-150) is suited to small to medium-sized homes and costs RRP $1,519 and the 25MJ model (PRS-250) is designed for mid to larger-sized residences and costs RRP $1,969.

“These heating systems not only have superior energy efficiency, they also provide excellent performance, which means they are designed to effectively and quickly heat a room,” says Ossie Symons, Paloma national manager. “Safety is also a key feature.”

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The heaters are room-sealed, the coaxial flue system draws in fresh air and pushes all flue exhaust outside the home, ensuring zero indoor emissions. Other safety features include: child lock mode on the heater controls, automatic shut-off in the event of overheating, gas or power failure, and a filter-clean warning.

The heaters are designed for easy use, with dual timers which can be set to turn the heater on or off, operating automatically at two separate periods of the day. Using the pre-heat function the heater automatically operates up to one hour prior to the programmed starting time, so the room is at the required temperature when the programmed ‘on’ time is reached.

“Fully automatic, thermostatically controlled heating is the order of the day with these high efficiency heaters,” said Symons.

The models also include a humidifier tray, which can be filled with water to raise the humidity level in the room, making it feel warmer and more comfortable.

Paloma has more than 100 years of experience in gas heating and have opted for a design that is “attractive and non-obtrusive with clean, simple lines” to suit a wide range of home interiors.

“We have created a heater that’s sleek and stylish to better suit your home,” added Symons.

The heaters will be sold through heating specialists, gas retailer such as AGL and Elgas, and electrical retailers such as Harvey Norman and The Good Guys.