Here’s a story straight from UnderCurrent’s ‘World’s Dumbest Criminals’ files: two days ago in Sydney, a man was arrested in Sydney after trying to steal electronics products from the Harvey Norman megastore on Orange Grove Road in Liverpool.

The 33-year-old alleged thief, perhaps taking the Go Harvey Go mantra a bit too literally, first stole a computer hard drive and a pair of Bluetooth speakers from the store, taking them out to his car for ‘safe keeping’. He then made the first of two crucial errors: he returned to the store to steal some iPads, even cutting the security cable that was tethering them to the shelves.

“When an employee gave chase, police have been told the armed man pointed the scissors toward him, causing the employee to stop following him,” reported a New South Wales police spokesperson.

“The man got into his car and left the scene, clipping another employee with his side mirror as he drove off.”

Had the alleged crim not returned for more e-loot, he may have gotten away but, alas, there were more errors of judgment to come. As he was driving away down Orange Grove Road, the man’s car broke down. He fled on foot, allowing the police to establish a stakeout of the vehicle. Several hours later, the man once again displayed his unfortunate penchant for returning to the scene of the crime:

“While officers were guarding the man’s broken down vehicle, he returned to the car and was arrested, allegedly in possession of the stolen items.

“He was taken to Liverpool Police Station where he was charged with robbery whilst armed.”