With improved efficiency and extended life span.

Haier Central Air Conditioning (CAC) business unit debuted its magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller, the 4200RT, with the world’s largest cooling capacity at the recent China Refrigeration Exhibition in Shanghai. With an ability to cool spaces measuring up to 100,000 square metres, it consumes 50% less energy in comparison to traditional central air conditioning units and has a 30 year life span, twice as long as traditional units.

Furthermore, the system is fully automated and requires no human intervention for upkeep and maintenance, and is the first unit in the industry to apply artificial intelligence to large-scale industrial equipment.

Speaking to Appliance Retailer, Haier Australia and New Zealand sales manager for air conditioning, Tony Bartlett said, “Our commercial range of air conditioning units are designed for vast range of large to mid-size commercial, industrial and institutional applications across the country. They are customised to our customer specifications and due to size and throughput of our manufacturing plants delivery can be a quick as 12 weeks for a fully customised solution depending on complexity.

“There are only approximately 20,000 commercial chiller units installed within the Australian market with an estimated market value of approx. $900 million per annum in sales and services, in this becomes our (Haier’s) opportunity to showcase our value and technical capabilities to better serve this market.

“Although we have not made our entire commercial range available to the local market to date, we plan to do so for the second half of 2017,” Bartlett confirmed.

Haier pioneered the development of China’s magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller sector in 2006 and in 2015, launched its first model, rated at 2200RT.