Haier has collaborated with Victorian group Arden Homes to install Haier ducted air conditioning systems into 100 new home builds this year.

“Haier and Arden Homes carefully select the brands and suppliers they work with and this is a perfect brand partnership that will see continued growth in the marketplace,” Haier air conditioning national sales manager, Jason Brown said.

The new homes will be fitted with a Haier Smart Power Outdoor 3Phase and High Static Ducted indoor unit in either 20.5kw or 24k.The indoor unit can be disassembled into two lighter components, making installation safer and easier where a normal ducted system is not suitable.

“We chose Haier because it can provide us with a whole-of-home solution,” Arden Homes director, Dean Morrison said. “Units are easy to install and have a slim-line aesthetic that complements the modern design of our homes. We know Arden Homes’ customers will appreciate the energy efficiency, quiet operation and strong airflow of the units, as well as the convenience of Wi-Fi capability and Haier’s 24/7 customer care.”