As fastest growing company in Europe.

Haier has reported on the progress the company has made in the last 12 months, which included becoming the first Chinese brand to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the acquisition of the Candy Group.

Haier Europe chief executive, Yannick Fierling said at the company’s IFA press conference: “We needed the acquisition to be the perfect fit in terms of the culture, brand, product and also in terms of innovation.

“In 2018, Haier Europe grew 26% in a flat market, while the Candy Group grew 11% – this meant that Haier Europe and Candy Group were the two fastest growing companies in Europe.”

Fierling said that in refrigeration in 2018, Haier worldwide increased its market share to 22%, which meant that almost one-in-four products purchased were from the Chinese brand; in washing machines, Haier had a 20% global share.

Haier has 58 million connected users in China and Mr Fierling revealed that since the Candy group acquisition, the business is adding around 3,000 additional connected users a day.

At IFA, the 3,000sq m Haier stand is home to the three brands – Haier, Candy and Hoover.

“The Smart Kitchen is in the centre of the stand, which shows where we want to go,” Fierling said. “We want to show what the leaders in home appliances are bringing to the market.”