By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Local FujiFilm managing director, Dave Marshall, is the first non-Japanese company director to be recognised with a Company Award by the Japanese camera maker, for his development of a digital photo kiosk strategy which has now been rolled out globally.

According to the company, Marshall’s business model has propelled FujiFilm to the market leading position in the digital photo kiosk printing business in Australia.

Marshall’s business model has now been adopted by 11 FujiFilm subsidiaries around the world.

 “Digital printing is now ubiquitous, providing significant new business opportunities for retailers as well as convenient digital printing services that are easily available for consumers,” said FujiFilm Australia CEO, Mike Machida.

“While this business model will continue to evolve, it is now being rolled out by FujiFilm globally due to its extensive functionality and networking features.

“This strategy is a credit to Dave Marshall and he is very deserving of receiving such a history-making and prestigious award by FujiFilm Japan.”

FujiFilm Holdings Corporation president and CEO, Shingetaka Komori, recently honoured Marshall with a Company Award, which has never been give to a FujiFilm director outside of Japan.

“This award means a great deal to me, especially from Mr Komori – an inspirational leader,” said Marshall.

“With more than 5,000 FujiFilm DPC kiosks in the marketplace, there are now more digital prints printed in Australia than in any other country, from a whole market perspective.

“Fujifilm Australia now has a very large electronic network creating an extensive range of new business opportunities for retailers and a significant array of convenient new sercices for consumers such as photo gifting, photo books, music, home ordering and other exciting initiatives.”