By James Wells

SYDNEY: Retravision Bankstown, the largest remaining Retravision store in metropolitan Sydney, will leave the group in two weeks to join Betta Electrical after experiencing what has been described as “four months of hell”.

Retravision Bankstown proprietor, Allan Drane, told this afternoon that he will join Betta Electrical on Sunday 8 April after undertaking secret negotiations with Betta Stores Retail (BSR) franchise manager, Patrick Tynan.

Drane first discussed the possibility of joining Betta Electrical in December last year.

“It is something we should have done a long time ago. The last four months have been an absolute nightmare for us. We didn’t sign up initially with Retravision Vic-Tas and even though we have had discussions with Brian Kelly, I feel as though they have hung us out to dry.

“We still have the Retravision signage outside even though we have received no support from Retravision for the past four months – they have done a good job of trying to crucifying us,” Drane said.

“We have been receiving some stock independently from suppliers who have not been listening to the head office after they said not to deal with certain retailers.

“We have been forced to open up other accounts and had to source products elsewhere as we have not been able to source product from companies like Fisher & Paykel and Electrolux Home Products.

“My staff have had four months of hell since they have not been able to talk to some suppliers. They have had the worst four months of their life and they look forward to being able to deal with people again.”

Drane confirmed that he will be closing his 1,285 square metre store next Sunday for renovations to implement a new store design.

“We are drawing up new plans so that we can present a new image. We’re back and we are going to show people that we are a company that is quite profitable and that we don’t need Retravision.”