By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Hitachi Australia has launched a new website designed to unify its brand image globally, offering all Hitachi customers and partners a homogeneous website design and page layout as well as easily accessible and exhaustive information.

“The Hitachi brand is quite diversified, so we needed to create a common brand image to maximise the synergy of the group,” said Hitachi General Manager – Corporate Administration, Toshiaki Immamura.

Hitachi Australia’s new website exemplifies the company’s profile and brand strategy and offers greater accessibility to information as well as new features such as the Hybrid HDD/DVD Camcorder Microsite, created in conjunction with Hitachi United Kingdom and North America.

“The Hybrid camcorder micro-site allows Hitachi to communicate directly with consumers and provides us with the opportunity to educate and demonstrate to them our key messages, features and technology of our Hybrid camcorders in an interactive and informative manner,” said Hitachi camcorder specialist, Evan Manolis.

Hitachi’s advertisers, retailers and media stakeholders will also have access to a secured link to a database driven web application that summons up all Hitachi logos, high resolution images and product copy. Visitors to the new look site can now also read the most recent press releases and have a look at the latest advertisements for Hitachi products.

 “Hitachi Australia is very proud of their new website and we believe this will improve our communication to consumers, strengthening our brand as a technology innovator and quality product manufacturer” said Hitachi Sales and Marketing General Manager – Consumer Product division, Geoff Hannaford.
The new Hitachi website is located at