By Martin Vedris in Shunde

SHUNDE, CHINA: Shunde’s most famous ‘export’ expat is Bruce Lee, who was born in the hour of the dragon, in the year of the dragon. Although born in the USA and raised in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee is still connected to Shunde. How?

Bruce Lee’s father was born in the village of Jun’An, in the county of Shunde in the Guangdong Province.

The Lee ancestral home is now a museum dedicated to the famous film career of Bruce Lee. There is a street named after Bruce Lee in Shunde. That’s about it.

To be fair, Lee was born in San Francisco and only ever held US citizenship, even though his parents went to Hong Kong when Lee was three months old. Lee was educated in Hong Kong schools but at the age of 18 Lee was sent back to live in the USA by his father after beating someone up in a fight.

Bruce Lee fans will make the pilgrimage to his ancestral home in Shunde however. And for visitors to the Shunde expo, it would make an interesting sightseeing opportunity.