By Patrick Avenell

A battery charging carry case for Apple iPod Touch MP3 players has been recalled due to the potential for minor burns and property damaging resulting from overheating.

The Mophie Juice Pack for fourth generation iPod Touches, which was sold in Australia by Apple, even had the potential to damage the product it was designed to protect, according to the ACCC Product Recalls website.

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“There is potential for minor burns or property damage,” reads the recall statement. “Units may short circuit and overheat.

“In extreme cases, the plastic can deform and damage the iPod Touch.”

Consumers who purchased a Mophie Juice Pack should check the product code — if the first five digits are between TR113 and TR120, that unit is subject to this recall.

Affected consumers should contact Mophie via their website, complete a replacement form online, and then return the device free-of-charge. Mophie will be issuing free replacement units.