Apple has recorded impressive growth over January in terms of internet usage share, with strong performances from Mac, iPhone and iPod touch over the opening month of 2009.

Mac jumped 3.12 per cent to achieve a record 9.93 per cent of internet traffic, while the iPhone grew 9.09 per cent to achieve 0.48 per cent growth.

But the biggest mover in internet traffic share in the last month was the iPod touch, which has risen an impressive 37.5 per cent to achieve 0.11 per cent in market share.

Net Applications’ data has shown that one out of every 1,000 web hits in January were made from iPod touches, which is an impressive statistic for Apple.

Net Applications’ monthly surveys are conducted by sampling browser data from some 160 million visits to Web sites operated by the firm’s clients.

Microsoft are still the clear and dominant leader in terms of operating systems market share, boasting almost 90 per cent of the market, but over the last six months the windows service has lost internet share consecutively every month.

This highlights that Apple is definitely making inroads into Microsoft’s leadership, due to breakthrough technology and increased internet services in their iPhone and iPod touch products.

But the survey has shown that there has been a dramatic interest demonstrated into Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system even before its release.

Therefore Apple’s strong growth might end up worthless, when Microsoft officially release the new operating system.