As Covid-19 continues to disrupt holiday plans for Australian households and limits everyday activities outside of the home, people are increasingly looking to local online marketplace, Gumtree for alternative ways to relax, entertain and improve their living environment.

Searches for items relating to new hobbies and lifestyle activities are booming, while many are looking closer to home to enhance their living spaces, outdoor areas, fitness and WFH offices.

In the kitchen appliance category, searches for coffee machines experienced growth of 23% year-on-year, followed by fridges and freezers (15%), cooktops and rangehoods (12%).

Other key growth categories include monitors (80%), audio (37%), video game consoles (34%) and BBQs (7%).

Gumtree account manager, Daniel Kuziow said with the rise in home improvement and outdoor lifestyle goods searches, it is the perfect time for retailers in this space to tap into consumer intent.

“Gumtree Media understands customer journeys through rich, first-party data in real-time,” he said.

“This includes insights into behaviour, life stage and detailed buying and selling habits. This unique and unified view of our audience allows us to understand who they are, what they’re doing and how often they are doing it, which allows us to inform and predict intent.

“We offer a real benefit to retailers looking to harness this data on our platform to tap into trends that ensure campaigns reach the right audiences. This provides an opportunity to deliver custom data-led campaigns to maximise success and put brands at the centre of over seven million users’ searches.”