By Patrick Avenell

Harvey Norman chairman Gerry Harvey yesterday responded to ASX enquiries over the sale of 170,000 shares by Harvey Norman executive director David Ackery.

The Australian Securities Exchange had written to Harvey Norman investigating why a notice to the ASX regarding the sale of these shares, valued at around $625,000, was not provided within the stated timeframe. The notice should have been received by 11 September – it arrived one day later.

In his response to this chiding, Harvey explained to the ASX that the delay in notification was caused by “an unforeseen personal family commitment” that had befallen the company secretary. Harvey further wrote in his explanation that the error was not Ackery’s, and that the executive director had fulfilled his duty to inform the company secretary in a timely fashion.

In a display of the affability that has often endeared him to the media and public, Harvey proved he didn’t feel he or his company were above reproach, apologising for the error.

“The company regrets and apologises for the fact that the relevant Director’s Notice was lodged one day late,” wrote Norman to the ASX.

It is currently unknown if the ASX is pursuing this matter further.