By Patrick Avenell

The Fisher & Paykel dishwashers being recalled today were manufactured by Haier before the two companies formed their strategic alliance, can reveal.

One of the major concerns voiced at the time of Haier’s 2009 cornerstone 20 per cent stake purchase in Fisher & Paykel was that this could lead to perceived reductions in product quality. Matt Orr, vice president of corporate planning and investor relations at Fisher & Paykel, told that this was an important detail, as it showed a consistency of manufacturing, rather than sweeping changes.

“This recall predates the partnership – these dishwashers are 2006 to 2008 — the partnership happened in 2009,” Orr said. “We’re being really proactive here: we spotted an issue and we’re putting our hand up and getting all of it done. We’re absolutely committed to quality and this is a part of it.”

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Orr said he was not aware of any personal injury or property damage occurring as a result of the minor fault in these dishwashers. Furthermore, he hoped that consumers would respect the proactive approach Fisher & Paykel is taking in this matter.

“We’ve been regarded in Australia and New Zealand as one of the most trusted brands,” he said. “While a recall is disappointing, we think that customers expect us, when we do have something [worng], that we put our hands up and we get on and fix it.

“The way we react, we’re being very proactive, we don’t shirk from our responsibility to our customers and we hope people respect that.”