In mobile customer satisfaction.

Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the overall mobile handset market with over two-thirds of Australians owning Apple iPhones and/or Samsung Galaxy smartphones. However, when it comes to customer satisfaction, Google has come out on top in the latest Roy Morgan monthly ratings.

In a first for the brand since its entry into the mobile handset market in 2010, Google Pixel and Nexus have led to a customer satisfaction rating of 94% ahead of Apple iPhone on 92%. Motorola was in third spot with a rating of 92%, followed by Samsung on 89% and Sony filling out the top five on 83%.

Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine said Google’s victory in the Roy Morgan mobile phone handset customer satisfaction category brings to an end a record 79 straight monthly victories for the Apple iPhone dating back to January 2012.

“This month’s customer satisfaction result for Google phones highlights that there are well-regarded alternatives to the two market leaders for consumers willing to look beyond the well-known mobile handset brands.”

When it comes to the two market leaders, Apple iPhones have their strongest penetration amongst younger Generations. Over 40% of those in Generation X, Millennials and Generation Y have an Apple iPhone compared to under a third of Baby Boomers and around a fifth of Pre-Boomers born before 1946.

In contrast, Samsung’s customers tend to be older. Over 30% of Baby Boomers and Generation X have a Samsung phone compared to less than 30% of Millennials and only around a fifth of Generation Z.

Although Google’s overall customer numbers are far lower than the two market-leaders it is Millennials who are the most likely generation to have a Google phone. Over 40% of Google phones in Australia are owned by Millennials.