By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: With impressive sales figures recorded in the US, Memorex has introduced its new Pro Gold Archival blank media as well as Blu-ray blank media and HD-DVD recordable products to the Australian market in 2006.

According to a recent report published by industry researcher NPD Group, Memorex has continued to dominate sales in both the CD and DVD blank media categories in the US. Throughout 2004 and 2005, Memorex was the leading brand in units sold and dollar sales value, while figures for YTD ended May indicate Memorex is on target to repeat its success in 2006.

Memorex Australian distributor, International Media Corporation (IMC) national sales and product manager, Omar Sandoval, told that the company’s dominance is hinged on bringing products to market which perform measurably better. 

“In what most retailers would think is purely a commodity or price driven category, Memorex has differentiated its brand by using higher quality chemicals in manufacturing that deliver improved performance in terms of less CD and DVD failures and longer storage life – and higher end users are catching on.”

“Memorex develops products targeting market segments and attracts users looking for a specific solution,” said Sandoval, pointing to the recently launched Memorex Pro Gold Archival Range. 

The Memorex Pro Gold Archival line features a DVD-R range (RRP 3pk $28.95, 5pk $44.95) and a CD-R range (RRP 3pk $21.95, 5pk $32.95), both offering a 24-karat gold reflective layer designed to resist ageing and chemical breakdown.

“Pro Gold is being used heavily by enthusiast and professional photographers, they have been manufactured to withstand wear and tear for up to 300 years, meaning they can be passed on from generation to generation,” said Sandoval.

“Increasingly families are looking to keep their photos and archive their memories for longer, and our blank media allows them to do that.”

Memorex also recently moved into selling Blu-ray blank media and will soon make the move into HD-DVD products.

The Pro Gold series is currently being distributed through photographic outlets and professional camera houses, while Directors Cut Pro and Memorex standard blank media is available through Bing Lee, Good Guys and independent retailers throughout Australia.