Focus on noise pain point.

Glem Gas has entered the off-board motor rangehood market, releasing its new Quiet Air rangehood collection, which complements a variety of cooktop dimensions, comprising of four models.

Commenting on the new rangehoods, Glem Gas Australasia managing director, David Gilmore said, “Rangehoods are designed to improve the air quality while cooking, however some models bring unwanted noise to the living space. Off-board rangehoods are known for their quiet operation, which makes the kitchen environment a more enjoyable space for families to spend time eating, completing homework and entertaining.”

Glem Gas GQA90TB Quiet Air rangehood

“Glem Quiet Air rangehoods have an off-board fan unit that takes the fan noise out of the kitchen and puts it in the ceiling space. With the fan motor in the ceiling cavity above the kitchen, noise is isolated and the only sound from the rangehood is the air movement through the filters.

“The powerful twin fan motor offers three-speed operation and can extract 1200 cubic metres of air per hour, removing odours from the kitchen. The high extraction rate is almost double the capacity of conventional rangehoods, while the canopy design and installation is similar to existing rangehoods to enable easy retrofitting.

Glem Gas GQA90SC Quiet Air rangehood

“With our new off-board series, we have aimed to resolve some of the common pain points in the category – both for consumers and retailers. All Quiet Air Rangehoods come with a full installation kit including ducting. Importantly, components come packed together in one box so there is no risk of losing items, and all four models are colour coded for easy identification and delivery,” he added.

A 16-page catalogue featuring all Glem Gas rangehoods is available as a sales tool for floor staff, in addition to instore display units, POS and other promotional items. The Glem Quiet Air rangehood collection will be available from $1,299 RRP.