By Matthew Henry in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS: Wireless video transfer between conventional consumer electronics devices has become one of the prevalent themes of this year’s CES, with Samsung, Sony and Panasonic all demonstrating wireless systems.

In its pre-show press conference, Samsung chose three C’s; connectivity, content and creativity to outline the future path its consumer electronics business will pursue.

After an initial glitch that required a technician’s hands, Samsung president JS Park showed an LCD TV playing video over a wireless link.

The company showed off its rose-black bezel 7 Series LCD televisions with bulit-in ethernet to create a wireless system.

“Samsung is doing its best to keep things simple for you,” said Park.

“This year Samsung products will take on advanced connectivity to satisfy this desire.”

In by far the most elaborately produced press conference of the day, Sony unveiled the new Bravia Wireless Link for its forthcoming LCD TVs and Transfer Jet for moving images to a computer wirelessly at 500 megabits per second.

However, the device failed to transfer the images during the live press conference and the demonstration was quickly abandoned.

In the opening day keynote address, Panasonic  AVC networks company president, Toshihiro Sakamoto, presented the only glitch-free demonstration, with wireless HD video streaming between a Viera plasma and HD camcorder.

“Soon you can take your wires, and do this,” said Sakamoto during the entertaining keynote, who proceeded to cut a thick wire with large clippers.

Sakamoto claimed it was the first public demonstration of wireless high definition video transfer.

The product, called Home Base, will arrive next year and incorporate what the company claims is the world’s first ‘beam steering technology’ to ensure the signal remains interference free.