By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Sony has launched the S700 Walkman flash mp3 player range featuring built-in noise-cancelling technology for blocking out abient noise – the first Sony Walkmans to feature the technology built-into the player rather than the headphones.

According to Sony, the S700 series mp3 players enhance the user listening experience by significantly reducing the audible level of ambient noise from around the listener.

“In an increasingly fast paced world, the Walkman S700 Series helps provide those personal moments of escape and keeps the listener engaged in their music,” said Sony Australia product manager – personal audio, Suzanna Gan.

“The Walkman range features today’s most innovative audio technologies, designed to give users a more rewarding audio experience. The S700 players continue this pursuit and stand out from the competition. Noise-cancelling technology combined with Sony’s latest range of headphones means crisp, clear audio excellence that you can take anywhere.”

The 2GB NWS705 (RRP $369) and the 4GB NWS706 (RRP $439) will be available in December in both violet and black.

Both models feature 50 hours battery life, three-line colour Organic EL display for album graphics, built-in digital clock, rapid recharge and Sony’s new 13.5mm EX Monitor headphones.