By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Sony has unveiled three new micro hi-fi systems and launched their latest A-Series walkman today, with iPod and Bluetooth connectivity key features.

The hi-fi systems are split between an iPod compatible model, Bluetooth streaming model and a separate hard disc drive model.

Both the iPod compatible and Bluetooth streaming models look almost identical, but features are split between the two. The white CMTBX20i comes with an iPod dock, can control the iPod through its remote control and charge the device while docked. The black CMTBX50BT has A2DP Bluetooth streaming and receiving capabilities, so users can stream music from their phones or Bluetooth-equipped MP3 players. Both are available from June from RRP $349.

The hard disc drive model, the NASE35HD ‘Gigajuke’, comes with an 80 GB hard disc, which can store up to 15,000 songs. The system uses the Gracenote database to classify songs automatically, and can update its database album-by-album if needs by sending a code for an unrecognised album to a connected USB key, which the user then plugs into their internet-connected computer. The Gigajuke will be available from June for RRP $699.

“As the way we listen to music continues to evolve, so does our need for connectivity and compatibility, so it’s great to be able to offer products with Bluetooth streaming and integrated iPod features,” said Sony Australia audio product manager, Kathy Hill.

Sony’s update for its A-Series walkman, the NWZ-A720, comes in 4, 8 and 16 GB models, which will be joined by a 4 GB-only Bluetooth special edition (the NWZ-A826KB).

All models come with a 2.4-inch LCD, which can be used to play video content in either vertical or landscape format. The non-Bluetooth models come with Sony’s high-end Monitor EX earbuds (which retails for $149 by themselves), while the Bluetooth model comes with Sony’s DR-BT21G ‘Street Style’ Bluetooth headphones.

The players are available in Pink, White, Silver and Black, and will be available from June for between RRP $199 and $389, depending on capacity.

Sony also updated its micro satellite speaker home theatre system, the DAVIS10, with its new HTIS100 model. The new system places the receiver into the subwoofer, while the back two speakers can now be connected wirelessly. The system goes on sale in July for RRP $1,199.