ghd has reinvented the blowdry brush with the new ghd duet blowdry.

Following the success of the ghd duet style 2-in-1 hot air styler launched in 2023, the first two-in-one hair dryer brush transforms wet hair into a smooth and voluminous finish. ghd claims this is done with no heat damage, 50% more shine, three times more volume and no frizz. It also consumes 40% less energy than using a traditional hairdryer and brush.

But how? Heat-Air Xchange technology – an aerodynamic system that harnesses airflow to actively heat the barrel and bristles. Gently drying hair at a low temperature, which is sensed 400 times per second, maintains the optimum low temperature for styling wet hair. The shape of the heated barrel plate makes it easy to create volume and get close to the root.

After trialling the ghd Chronos hair straightener, I was excited for the opportunity to get hands-on with the ghd duet blowdry to see how it would revamp my hair styling routine.

I know the term ‘game-changing’ can be unduly used – but trust me when I say the ghd duet blowdry is a game changer.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. It’s ergonomic and easy to use

PSA: I’ve never used a wet-to-dry hair styling tool before. So, when I unboxed the ghd duet blowdry, its size and weight were quite intimidating at first.

Lucky for me (and anyone else new to the wet-to-dry category), a user guide comes in the box, which shows the six simple steps to achieve your desired style.

In a nutshell, you need to towel dry and detangle hair first then loosely brush through large sections before dividing the hair into smaller sections for it to glide through the bristles at a slow and steady pace. And it delivers on its promise of gliding through the hair without snagging or tangling at any point.

It was that simple, requiring no previous know-how or expertise and it’s all done using one tool.

2. It saves a lot of effort and time

I must confess, I’m not a fan of using a blow dryer beyond a few minutes after towel drying my hair, simply to remove any excess moisture. I enjoy letting my hair air dry naturally before I style it with my hair straightener.

This means my hair routine from wash to desired style can take up to two hours. Of course, if I’m in more of a hurry, I’ll blow dry it until it’s completely dry, but this can still take around an hour.

With the ghd duet blowdry, I can wash, dry and style my hair in just 30 minutes with an even better finish compared to the blow dryer and straightener combination.

3. It produces long lasting quality results

I’ve always struggled with volume at the roots which I blame on the thinness of my hair. When I take the time to finesse my hair, I create a bit of a boost while I’m styling but in no time, it falls flat.

With the ghd duet blowdry, my hair has never seen so much volume – even after an appointment at the hair salon – not only at the roots but also in the body. What’s more, it lasts hours and not just minutes.

This is the ultimate tool for anyone serious about wanting to achieve salon quality hair at home. It’s certainly worth the investment for its time-saving benefits and the smooth, voluminous results.

The ghd duet blowdry is available in black and white for RRP $595 in hair salons, premium department stores and the ghd website.  It comes with a heatproof storage bag and cleaning brush.