By Ian Neubauer

SYDNEY: Speaker maker JBL has launched an integrated home theatre system to compliment rear-projection TVs and flat-panel video displays.

The CSP630 includes a DVD/receiver and a 5.1-channel loudspeaker package composed of four wall-mountable satellite speakers, a centre channel speaker and subwoofer. The system also comes with remote control and swivel- and fixed wall-mount brackets.

Technological features include High-Definition Multimedia Interface connectivity with inbuilt processing that upconverts 720p or 1080i video output to deliver high-quality image representation. The receiver/DVD player is compatible with a wide variety of disc types, including DVD, CD, Windows Media Audio and MP3 discs, and may be connected to a computer or MP3 player through handy USB ports.

The loudspeakers feature distinctive styling, with curved and tapered enclosure finished in satin black and a minimum of visible buttons and controls for an understated appearance.

The CSP630 is distributed in Australia by Convoy International with a recommended retail price of $1,999.