By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Husbands and children looking to both give their wife/mum a nice present this Sunday (it’s Mother’s Day), and then encourage her to cook breakfast for the family, should look at Panasonic’s reintroduced breadmaker.

According to the supplier, Panasonic Australia is bringing back the breadmaker due to overwhelming demand by consumers and retailers. Panasonic isn’t normally noted for its small domestic appliances, though it does have a good reputation for its microwave business. The product manager for this category, Aki Yamamoto, said the weight of populism was the key reason for bringing back this product.

“We have received hundreds of requests from consumers to bring our popular breadmaker model back; we’ve listened and here it is, with new and improved features,” Yamamoto said.

“Users can get creative with their baking thanks to Panasonic’s original recipe book featuring over 120 original bread and dough recipes, as well as gluten-free recipes which can be created using the Gluten Free Program. Other recipes featured in the book include pizza dough, brioche, rye and French bread.”

This Panasonic breadmaker (SD-257, RRP $269) features a diamond-fluoro coated bread pan and kneading blade, a raisin/nut dispenser and a choice of three loaf sizes and three crust colours.

Interesting Mother’s Day fact/urban legend: Mother’s Day represents the biggest single day of sales for a certain chicken-based fast food restaurant. Because mums don’t cook on Mother’s Day, dads that don’t want to pick up the burden invariably buy one of the delicious family packs from this store.