In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, GfK has established a dedicated online resource centre with the latest trends for supply chains, point of sale systems, consumer behaviour and consumer sentiment, designed to help organisations with decision-making and to manage disruption.

The centre, which is updated on a regular basis, offers resources including reports, webinars, infographics, blog posts, press releases and podcasts, that cover global data, as well as data specific to regions around the world including Europe, the US, APAC and Middle East.

For example, the ‘COVID-19: Shopping behaviour in times of crisis’ report provides insights on fears and actions being taken during the crisis, the impact on cross country buying behaviour and adapting to the new normal after the ‘panic phase’.

“Given the current situation in Australia, New Zealand and across the world, we want to send our best wishes to the entire industry and their families,” GfK said in a statement shared with Appliance Retailer.

“To help navigate these challenging times, GfK has set up a dedicated resource centre to keep you all informed of the latest trends and consumer insights throughout the global pandemic. In times like these, we are looking to help our valued partners get the insights and data they need so please reach out to your GfK account handler for more information or any other questions we can help with.”

To keep the local industry informed, GfK will be sharing key ANZ sales trends information via Appliance Retailer.