Harvey Norman to ‘step out’ in September.

A statement supplied to Appliance Retailer from GfK Australia has confirmed that Harvey Norman plans to step out of the GfK Australia Point of Sale Tracking service for the time being. Harvey Norman will continue to contribute data until September 6, 2017.

GfK managing director, Catherine Eddy said, “GfK will apply its proprietary modelling methodology to all affected categories, on both a weekly and monthly frequency. The GfK service and market coverage will remain unchanged, and we will continue our ongoing engagement and recruitment of new, relevant, retailers to the measurement, in preparation for the enormous changes ahead for the Australian retailing environment.

“GfK has made a number of key recruitments to its Point of Sale Tracking service in the past two years, including online players. As the Australian experts for electrical retailing insights, we will also continue to source and develop internal and external market intelligence and data assets to support our unrivalled global industry expertise in providing the Australian electrical retailing industry with a robust and reliable market measurement.”

Any enquiries should be directed to Catherine Eddy and regional director for marketing and communications, Frankie Lee.