TCL is introducing a new air conditioning system that creates healthier air more efficiently. The T-Pro Split System features a built-in air purification process that eliminates germs and sanitises the air before being released into the environment.

It also includes a Gentle Breeze function where up to 1,422 micro-holes embedded in the vanes create a softer air flow — unlike the harsh, direct cold drafts found in traditional systems. The T-Pro Series Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and can connect to compatible smart devices or via the TCL Home app. The TCL Split System comes in 2.6KW, 3.5KW, 5.2KW or 7.2KW. To support the split system range, TCL is also launching a portable 3.6KW air conditioner.

RRP: From $899 (Split System) and from $699 (Portable Unit)

TCL Electronics

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