The best retail store globally.

Harvey Norman invited select media for a walk-through of the completed Auburn flagship store in Sydney’s western suburbs – the largest Harvey Norman store in Australia at over 174,000 square feet.

In an exclusive interview with Appliance Retailer, Harvey Norman chairman, Gerry Harvey described the flagship as the best retail store in Australia and the world.

“This is number one – we have spent a lot of time on this concept – as this is the seventh or eighth flagship store of this type,” Harvey said.

“We are in first place and we want to stay in first place and with no one wanting to argue with us and say that we have done a job better than anyone else.

“From our suppliers’ point of view, they should be very happy as their products are being displayed in a manner that doesn’t happen anywhere else and our sales here will go through the roof. It just a matter of how much they go up.

“I’d be surprised if someone can walk in here and say they have seen something as good as this. We have people coming from every country in the world, including the world’s top suppliers from America, Europe and Asia and they haven’t seen anything like this in their country.

“The first flagship store opened three years ago in Singapore and it is not new to us but it is new here – as it is the first one in Australia.

“We will be looking at doing more stores like this in other capital cities, but it is not easy to do, you can’t find a site, or the size and of you do it is an out of the way place and you can’t get people there so it is very difficult to be able to do this.

“When you walk around and show people, they say they haven’t seen anything as good as this anywhere, so from our point of view we are very proud of it and we want to be the leader in what we do and we want other people to look at what we’re doing and say ‘I wish it was us’.”