By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Logitech’s 100 per cent cashback promotion lasted just four hours of trading, with Australian consumers exhausting the $300,000 cash pool by 1pm yesterday afternoon.

The promotion centred around five Logitech peripherals, with the supplier refunding the total retail price of purchase via an online reclaiming process. Officially, the competition started at 12 midnight yesterday morning (1 February 2011), though with most stores around the country not opening until 9am, and taking into account various time differences, the competition lasted only around four hours. has posed a number of questions regarding this promotion to Logitech. We are yet to receive any response. Here is a list of the questions we asked:

-Can Logitech confirm that 100 per cent of the $300,000 worth of products was purchased at retail level?
-If not, what part was purchased online?
-Was there a limit to how many claims an individual could make against the $300,000?
-Is Logitech concerned that these purchases will be onsold to make a full-margin profit?
-Is Logitech currently monitoring online sales sites (such as, but not limited to, eBay) to see if any of these products become available?
-What has been the retailer response to this promotion?

We will publish any responses in a future story.

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