Garmin has released ​two new GPS cycling computers, called the ​Edge​ 20 and ​Edge ​25, giving cyclists the ability to capture the time taken, distance covered, speed reached, total ascent and location of each ride.

Priced at $169 and $229 respectively, the Edge 20 and Edge 25 are among the smallest cycling computers on the market and both devices replace Garmin’s Edge 200, released a few years ago.

The Edge 200 offered basic GPS distance, speed and route recording but it didn’t connect to your phone which is where the Edge 20 and 25 go the extra mile.

Connected features available on the Edge 25 allow users to share details of their rides with friends on social media and to connect with a heart rate monitor, speed sensor and cadence sensor to get the most out of a ride.

Garmin Edge
Garmin Edge 

Clear displays make these devices easy to use

Set up with a clear display, both devices are easy to use and read on a ride. As Matt DeMoss, general manager for Garmin Australasia said: “Real estate on your bike is limited – the Edge 20 and Edge 25 are the quintessential bike computers for cyclists wanting to save space without losing valuable features.”

Other features include water ­resistance, light weight at 25 grams and up to eight hours battery life. The devices interfaces are easy to use and to share activities with both GPS and GLONASS­enabled, acquiring satellites to track how far, fast and where a user is riding.

The Edge 25 is ANT+ compatible and can be paired with a heart rate monitor, cadence sensor and speed sensor for additional data. When paired with a compatible Bluetooth device, the Edge 25 can upload activities to Garmin Connect for post-­ride analysis or sharing on social media.

The Live Tracking feature allows users to follow their rides in real time. In Garmin Connect users can download courses and follow them on the device, receiving turn indications throughout a ride, and compete against other cyclists on previously ridden courses.

Edge 20 users can upload to Garmin Connect and download courses and segments via a PC or Mac. The Edge 25 is also be available in a cadence bundle for $269.