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Gaggenau has confirmed that it will release a new version of its iconic EB 333 oven to Australian retailers in May.

According to Gaggenau general manager, Robert Warner, the 90cm EB 333 oven is an iconic product.

“The EB 333 reflects our heritage as being the first to produce a European 90cm wide oven and since then we have remained true to our brand values of heritage, luxury, precision and design. We have also updated the product with a modern look and improved performance,” Warner said.

“Since its first production in 1986, Gaggenau’s 90cm wide oven has provided a professional cooking experience in the kitchen, beloved by top chefs and keen amateur chefs alike. The EB 333, like its predecessor, will continue to be crafted almost entirely by hand using select materials in Lipsheim, France.

“Our latest rendition accentuates its distinctive design: the door is now created from one imposing 90 cm wide sheet of 3mm high grade stainless steel. It represents one vast entrance to culinary potential.

“This remodeled, hand-crafted work of art represents the culmination of our finest principles, skills and ethos. It stays true to its origins; linking Gaggenau’s past and present with its future.

“We’ve christened it the EB 333 in recognition of our 333 years of working in metal. This has always been more than an oven; it is a promise to create masterpieces,” he said.