Premium BSH brand, Gaggenau used a pop-up event within the Milan Design Week, alongside EuroCucina, called Statement of Form to express its design-led brand values.

A snapshot of the Gaggenau pop-up event.

Gaggenau held the event at the Villa Necchi Campiglio which was chosen as the installation’s location “because of the Villa’s overhwhelming beauty, architectural significance and history of elevated living”. Built in 1935 by Piero Portaluppi, it became the centre of Milanese social life for the elite of the day.

Gaggenau chefs from the Michelin-star restaurant Uberfaht catered for visitors to the Gaggenau pop-up event.

This was the first time that Gaggenau exhibited separately from EuroCucina within the Milan Design Week events and the brand chose to do this “to be closer to its like-minded and design conscientious audience”.

Gaggenau oven in action.

The Statement of Form concept was designed to “represent the balance, tension and combination of elements that are required to make something exceptional” – the company said.

Gaggenau vacuum drawers.

Using a number of food stations with food catered by three Michelin-star chef Christian Jurgens, visitors were encouraged to “wander through themes that make Gaggenau the premium luxury appliance manufacturer with a balance of raw materials and culinary creation, heritage and progressiveness as well as a celebration of craftsmanship”.

A specifically-designed visual tunnel was created from one side to the other through the entire Gaggenau installation.

“Gaggenau crafts the exceptional using a design-led approach. The brand does not conform to norms, it makes them. Following its own path, it has helped shape much of what is considered as the contemporary kitchen, especially its use as the heart of the home and the entertaining space,” the company said.

Crushed recycled plastic pellets were used throughout the entire Gaggenau event to deliver a textural aesthetic underfoot to complement the other visual and sensory experiences.

Feature image: Andrea Cleveland and Robert Warner on the Gaggenau stand.