Fujitsu General has released its three and four-room R32 Multi Systems tailored for households where traditional ducted systems are impractical. The multi system accommodates up to four indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. 

Fujitsu General Australia and New Zealand head of product, Kyle Rafter said, “Fujitsu General has always focused on delivering innovative solutions that meet the real-world needs of our consumers. With our new R32 Multi Systems, homeowners can experience exceptional performance alongside significant space saving benefits.”  

The new three and four-room Multi Systems employs R32 refrigerant technology, which boasts a 67% lower global warming potential (GWP) factor compared to commonly used R410A, without compromising on performance.

The range offers an unprecedented line-up of 23 indoor models across six styles, including wall mounted, bulkhead, slimline, mini duct, floor mounted, and cassette units. Homeowners can control each room’s temperature individually via dedicated remotes or central LCD controller. The controller ensures a unified setting of room temperature and airflow volume.

The system is backed by a five-year parts and labour warranty, supported by Fujitsu General Assist in-house customer care and technical support team.