Designed for retail staff.

Fujitsu General has rolled out a Multi Systems Selection Tool to make it easier for retail staff to help consumers find the most suitable combination of units for their home.

Accessible across multiple devices, retailers can register at, select the store they are located at, and start using the tool immediately.

Consumers are prompted to provide the size of their rooms and asked a few questions relating to ceiling insulation and west facing windows. A choice of indoor units is then provided. All the features of that unit are displayed for the customer to review before selecting an indoor unit and moving on to make additional room selections.

The final step is to choose the most suitable outdoor unit to support the indoor unit line-up. At the completion of the selection process, customers can have the final combination of units emailed to them immediately to assist with purchase, or further research.

Fujitsu General national retail manager, Edward Jackson said, “This exciting tool will revolutionise the way retail staff help their customers find a Fujitsu General multi system air conditioning solution for their home.

“The multi system category can be quite complex and this tool will not only make the selection process simpler but will save time. The Fujitsu Multi Systems Solution Tool has been developed to support our retail customers and enable them to make instore visits by consumers far more informative and fast.”

The Fujitsu General Multi System can allow up to six indoor units to be connected to one compact outdoor unit. With a wide variety of indoor units to choose from to ensure there is a solution to match the requirements of almost every home, each unit can be independently controlled using individual remotes helping to save running costs by heating or cooling rooms as required and giving consumers total control of the indoor comfort of their home.