Fujitsu General has strengthened and diversified its product range with the anywAiR iO solution. An advanced control system tailored for the commercial and industrial building sectors, it optimises HVAC operating periods and maintenance cycles, reducing costs and improving efficiencies. 

Developed in partnership with Nube iO, anywAIR iO is a Wi-Fi and Internet of Things (IoT) offering that represents the next wave of smart building technologies, merging the best of Fujitsu General’s air conditioning prowess with Nube iO’s innovations. 

Fujitsu General Australia and New Zealand head of product, Kyle Rafter said, “As we witness increased demand for smart building technologies, we are proud to present anywAiR iO. This solution is our commitment to enhancing building automation and energy efficiency, giving building operators the tools to create more sustainable, comfortable environments.” 

At the core of anywAiR iO is the Rubix Compute, a multi-lingual IoT gateway that aggregates data and connects to wireless and wired sensors. The system integrates Rubix iO modules, Micro Edge, and Droplet Sensors, ensuring continuous data acquisition and empowerment of data-driven decisions. 

anywAiR iO can handle everything from VRF systems, rooftop package units, and split systems to exhaust fans, valves, and car park exhausts. Its sensors not only detect anomalies but actively contribute to reducing energy consumption by sending notifications to preempt potential inefficiencies.

Leveraging non-intrusive monitoring methods, the solution can capture occupancy trends, door state alterations, and assess levels in bins and water reservoirs, allowing facility managers to streamline maintenance cycles and strategise optimal operating periods. 

The anywAiR iO dashboard, which can be accessed from any browser at any time, and from anywhere, provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire building management system.