Fujitsu General is expanding its R32 product offering with most air conditioners under 9kW now available using R32 refrigerant.

Fujitsu General claims to be the first manufacturer to actively sell and promote R32 products in wall mounted split systems in Australia.

Compared to the commonly used R410A refrigerant, R32 has a 67% lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ whilst still maintaining unit performance.

The new R32 models, available from July, include Compact Cassette (AUTH09/12/18KVLA), Bulkhead (ARTH09/12/18KLLAP) and Floor (AGTG09/12/14KVCA) models.

The Compact Cassette indoor units feature a two-stage turbo fan to allow air to be distributed evenly across the heat exchanger. Optimising the wing form and adopting the laminar wing enables airflow to run smoothly resulting in quiet operation. Noise reduction is also improved by the outdoor units’ sound power level which is now up to 7dB less than the previous R410A models.

In addition to the upgraded models to R32 refrigerant, Fujitsu General is releasing new 450mm Bulkhead models (ARTH09/12/18KSLAP) which may be installed in tight bulkhead applications such as above a wardrobe. These are ideal when installation space is limited to a minimum depth of 550mm and height of 198mm.

It is compact, lightweight, energy efficient, and features an optimum airflow path design resulting in low noise operation. It also features a built-in drain pump and is easy to maintain with parts able to be accessed and replaced via the side of the indoor unit. An optional Auto Louver Grille Kit is also available to enable air to flow all the way down to the floor.

The new R32 cassette, floor and bulkhead models come with a five-year parts and labour warranty.