Fujifilm has launched the latest model in its X Series digital cameras, the X100V1, featuring new body image stabilisation along with other key upgrades.

Fujifilm Optical Devices Division general manager, Shaun Mah told Appliance Retailer there has been an exceptionally strong response to the camera, with the first shipment selling out in a few hours after announcing its launch. “Consumers have overwhelmingly expressed enthusiasm for the recent X100VI announcement, especially regarding the new and updated film simulations feature,” he said. 

This sixth-generation model is equipped with 20 Film Simulation modes including the new REALA ACE mode, offering a diverse range of distinctive tones to images. Also setting a new standard for image capture and efficiency, the camera introduces a revolutionary 40.2-megapixel BSI X-TransTM CMOS 5 HR sensor.

“This sensor, combined with the high-speed X-Processor 5, ensures rapid and precise image processing, enhancing overall speed and performance,” Mah said. The introduction of up to six stops in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) to the X100VI enables stable handheld shooting in challenging conditions. 

According to Mah, the X100VI is crafted for individuals aiming to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences and rekindle their passion for photography with a fresh perspective.

To celebrate Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary year in 2024, a limited edition X100VI will be released with 1,934 units available worldwide, packaged with a special strap, soft release button and history cards. The camera body is engraved with the corporate brand logo from Fujifilm’s founding in 1934, along with a unique serial number.

Consumer advertising and promotional support will be a significant focus for Fujifilm. “Our strategy is to get the camera in the hands of different creators and let their content showcase the camera’s capabilities,” national marketing and category manager Leanne Hughes said.

“For the launch of the X100VI, we have partnered with notable figures such as Heartbreak High actress Chloe Hayden, and professional photographers Leslie Liu and Moses Aurelius with more collaborations planned in the upcoming months,” she said.

The X1000 V1 comes in black, silver and grey for RRP $2,899 and the limited edition version is $3,499.

Photo: Fujifilm Optical Devices Division general manager, Shaun Mah at the X100V1 launch event.