Fujifilm introduced the latest addition to its interchangeable GFX lens system, the GF 500mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR, at the X Summit Sydney.

Speaking at the event held at Taronga Zoo, Fujifilm Australia general manager Shaun Mah, said the super telephoto lens is “the longest lens in the history of GF lenses”.

It’s lightweight design, powerful image stabilisation and fast, high precision autofocus enables photographers to capture in impeccable detail, the company stated is beyond what the naked eye can see.

Appliance Retailer joined a workshop at the event for a close-up with some of the zoo’s inhabitants and the opportunity to put the super lens to the test.

By combining the GF500mm with the Fujinon Teleconverter GF1.4X TC WR, users can expand focal length equivalent to 700mm. The lens tips the scales at approximately 1.375g and the front element of the lens provides water-repellent and anti-smudge capabilities. The 6.0-step image stabilisation mechanism makes hand-held photography more comfortable in the challenging super telephoto range where camera shake can occur.

While maintaining high resolution performance, the GF500mm adopts an inner focus system that incorporates a small and light focus lens that drives the focus group using a linear motor. This enables a fast and silent autofocus (AF) with a minimum delay of approximately 0.31 seconds while the desired focus can be shifted to a pre-defined location with the focus preset button.

The lens also features a focus limiter function, allowing users to restrict the lens’s AF range to shorten AF time when photographing a subject that is five meters away.

The GF500mm will be released on 17 June for RRP $6,099.