By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: The Nilfisk Extreme X300 vacuum cleaner has gained a ‘Best Buy’ rating in a UK test conducted by the in the British Consumers Association’s April issue of ‘Which?’ magazine.

‘Which?’ magazine, which tests around 2,500 products a year, compared 24 vacuums from 13 different brands on a range of performance criteria and said the Nilfisk Extreme X300 “passed all our tests with flying colours and richly deserves its ‘Best Buy’ status.

According to the magazine, the Extreme X300 excelled on floorboards and laminate surfaces but was also deemed as “one of the few cylinders that also does well on carpet”.

‘Which?’ also recommended the vacuum for allergy sufferers stating that the “allergen retention and pet hair pick up was top notch” due to its high quality HEPA filtration.

“The endorsement of the Extreme X300’s excellent allergen filtration and all-round performance shows there is a definite place in the market for a high quality vacuum,” Nilfisk-Advance national retail sales and marketing manager, Kim Hiland, told

“The Nilfisk Extreme incorporates the best of 100 years manufacturing experience and is a reliable product that really works,” she said.

‘Which?’ magazine is considered one of the leading consumer publications in the UK.