On this day, from the pages of Appliance Retailer…

Wednesday 9 January 2008

Over at CES, Samsung unveiled a new prototype 52-inch “Ultra Slim” LCD panel – just 4 centimetres thick! Here is our reported on the ground that day described it:

Thinner flat panel televisions have become one of the major themes of CES 2008 with companies including Hitachi, Panasonic and Pioneer revealing their upcoming models — some in prototype form and others in production-ready samples.

[Samsung’s] models will also feature built-in ethernet enabling network-based services such as InfoLink for streaming internet video content to the television, DLNA for accessing to content stored on devices connected to a home network and My Content, which stores media on the television’s built-in flash memory.

Six years later, our reporter at CES is today reporting that Samsung has 8K, super-widescreen and bendable TVs on its stand. That’s progress!

Another interesting tidbit from this flashback is that Samsung said these new panels, demonstrated at CES in January 2008, would not be released in Australia until at least 2009. Lead-in times have dramatically reduced in the passing six years, to the point where products unveiled at CES are becoming available by the middle of that year.

Meanwhile, Tata Motors released the world’s cheapest car that day – the Tata Nano cost just US $2,000!