Samsung Ultra Slim LCD TVs coming to Australia in 2009

Las Vegas, United States

Samsung will release its own “Ultra Slim” LCD television in 2009 the company said today at CES where it is displaying prototype 52-inch units with a white and black bezel.

The models on display at CES are just four centimetres thick, however, a spokesperson on the Samsung stand said the actual production units are likely to be slightly thinner when they hit the market from next year.

Samsung is calling the new thin line flat panels Ultra Slim LCD TV, but has not released specifications.

No information is available on the Australian launch timetable at this point.

Thinner flat panel televisions have become one of the major themes of CES 2008 with companies including Hitachi, Panasonic and Pioneer revealing their upcoming models — some in prototype form and others in production-ready samples.

Samsung’s main announcement in the television category at CES was its TOC or Touch Of Colour range, which is being displayed prominently at the show and is scheduled to be launched in North America in April.

TOC models including the upcoming 7 Series LCDs represent a move by Samsung away from straight piano black towards quite literally a touch of colour mixed in with the otherwise black bezel, such as in its Rose Black bezel.

These models will also feature built-in ethernet enabling network-based services such as InfoLink for streaming internet video content to the television, DLNA for accessing to content stored on devices connected to a home network and My Content, which stores media on the television’s built-in flash memory.

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